Friday, June 22, 2012

Arting with Friends

A year ago, my friend Ellen (above) and I took an encaustic class from Ellen Koment
in the Paseo Arts District here in Oklahoma City.  It was a long hot two days.
We learned a lot. 
And then, because we didn't use it right away, we forgot a LOT. 

So yesterday Ellen came over and we practiced, practiced, practiced.
And if you know either Ellen or me, you know we talked and talked and talked.
But that really helped us be loose in our experimentation.
(More on the experiments at the bottom of the post.)

Here's the only piece I made from scratch and finished.
Well, I'm not quite sure if it's done.  I think so but . . .
Makes me think of grapes for some reason
(maybe cuz I am ALWAYS hungry?  LOL)

The next piece is one I started in class and didn't like.
So when I first whipped up my batch of encaustics, I covered it in white.
And I still didn't like it!
So I scraped and dug and put green wax in the cuts, scraped some more, etc, etc, etc.
Still didn't like it!

So yesterday I pulled it out and covered it in black.
Then I scraped in a tree which I filled with gold.
A lot more scraping and torching and this came out.
I like it.  But it's nothing like what I usually do.
Which can be a very good thing some times.

Ellen and I had so much fun! 
By the end of the day, I think she was as in love with scraping as me. 
I'm telling you, it is soooooooooooo relaxing ~ even contemplative. 
And I'm pretty sure she'll be buying a kitchen torch soon. 
They are so much less intimidating than those big old tank things. 
And easier to control. 
My friend Roz loaned me her torch but I'm going to wait to use it til I do something BIG! 
You see, I am deathly afraid of fire and I burn myself all the time in the kitchen. 
Yeah, I'm a little confused as to why wax is my favorite medium. 
Talk about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!

In my last post I mentioned I was working on 3 art group projects.
This year we're doing a round robin of boxes.  Very cool. 
When they're all done, I'll share pictures.

In addition, every month the hostess gives us a "challenge".  
I've got to admit, I am pretty lax about doing them.
But in May, Lynda gave each of us an unfinished curved wood cabinet door.
and I came up with this ~ After the Fire
Working on the curved surface was tricky. 
But again, something new can yield wonderful results.

Also in the last post I showed some works in process.
Here is one of them with a few more steps of wax collage & color.
Looking pretty different, huh? 
Well, I think it's about to change.
You see, while we were experimenting and talking yesterday, guess what happened?
I got distracted (surprise!  not) and ignored a piece
on the heat for a little longer than I should have.
And I loved the glass smooth finish it gave the wax
so I'm going to do it with this piece on purpose.
I have no idea how it will work becuz you just never
know what the wax will do when it gets hot. 
Okay, you know it will melt, but will it run, pool, slide completely off?
I'll let you know what comes next with this.

I love arting with friends.  New ideas just seem to form in the air.
And while most of the women in my art group do work entirely different than me,
I always come away so inspired.
I am so glad I revamped my studio so there's room for two or three to play.
There's even room for small class of four.

If you're in OKC, let me know. 
Maybe there's some arting in our future.

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