Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Squeezing in some Jewelry Time

It's been a crazy busy summer but I've managed to squeeze in a little jewelry making time.
Mostly it just resulted in what looked like an explosion on my workspace.
But I managed to try some new wire work (first picture) and to make some charm necklaces.

the pinks & oranges in the piece I made for Mary.
Loved it so much that I'm working on some pieces for myself.

And the blues & greens of Carmen's necklace are some of my favorites ~
so calming & don't we all need some of that?
They remind me a little of my vacation.
Yes! We also squeezed in a small vacation ~
a visit to see our daughter in Denver.
It was not long enough ~ I need LOTS more Dani time.

Have you found time to make anything this busy crazy summer?

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