Saturday, June 25, 2011

More CitrSolv Experiments

Everything I've ever read about CitraSolv and art said you could only use National Geographics.  Since I don't believe everything I read, I tried a few others and got absolutely nothing (well, a color ad in the newspaper gave me a wierd floating text thing but it mainly looked dirty) so I played with National Geographics and made some lovely papers.  You can read about it in this post.

Then I saw this video

on the ARTWAX blog and decided it might be my technique, not the magazine itself, that caused it not to work.

You see, with National Geographics I used the spray-n-squish technique and the lovely inks moved on their own.  But with these fashion magazines, AJ first moved the CitraSolv, and therefore the ink, around with a brush. So I sorta gave it a try - except I used cotton balls cuz I didn't want to set up to do a lot of these. Here are the results with a black & white ad, sepia-toned ad and a color ad all from Vogue.

I think I need to do it exactly like she shows in the video - brush & cling wrap - since these still leave something to be desired.  However, I noticed that the back of the ad above looks like when you use NevrDull over a texture.  Hmmmm.  More experiments to try.

Then I tried the photo transfer technique I'd read about so much. Again the experts aren't always right - they say only photocopies not inkjet or laser prints but I did these two with my Brother laser printer.
(I love,love,love this Conde Nast ad - I have to find another one and try again).

Again, the problem with the first was my technique - too much rubbing with too much CitraSolv causing the inks to smear. The second with just pressure looks pretty good.

And now for the beeswax & encaustic part of this post.  Yes, all the CitraSolv papers work great in collage, with or without either type of wax.  But that's not the experiment I want to tell you about.

You see, I work on a glass desk and just scrape it down with a razor blade when it gets too messy.  Lately the wax build-up has really been clogging up my blade-holder-thingie.  So I poured a little CitraSolv on my desk and let it soak a few minutes.  And Voila! the wax came up so easily - as did the paint and glue.

Who knew?  You can actually use this stuff for it's original purpose - to clean!!  But don't tell Patrick I know that cuz then he might want me to try it in the rest of the house.  hehe

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artwax said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for posting my video. The cotton is absorbent, and by using a brush, you are pushing the solvent along and it is picking up the inks and then you are moving it around the page. So the brush is not absorbing the solvent. AJ Grossman