Monday, June 27, 2011


lazer transfer on encaustic
Happy Birthday Nate!

Not my usual style, huh? 
It's my son's birthday gift so I did something I think he'll enjoy.

I have been truly blessed in the kid department.  Nathan and I have a great bond.  You see, for awhile it was just the two of us - I was single when I had him.  And I think that's why he never went thru that phase of acting like he didn't know me or not saying he loved me.

Sorry about the quality here - I had real camera issues Saturday
(maybe it was really operator error)

Like his mom & sister, he's brilliant (hehe).  Math is just intuitive to him - he used to be my walking calculator (one time when he wasn't around, I asked Dani a math question and she indignantly replied, "I'm not Nate you know"!) and he picks up a lot of info by osmosis.  He's creative, a hard-worker and a good friend, quite charming & good looking.  And he is the most laid back person I have ever met!  Yet when he was forced to sit still in the hospital last year he couldn't stand it.

In some ways he's a lot like me.  So is my daughter.  And yet they're nothing alike.  Funny about that with kids.  And I've made the mistake of thinking I know what's going on with them becuz they're so much like me.  NOT!!

You give birth to these beautiful babies, you watch them grow and see their joys and struggles, you see yourself in them yet you see that they're totally their own persons, and you spend your life wondering at them, loving them, learning about them.  They come from you and reflect you and yet they are not you.  And they make you you.

Happy Birthday Nate.  I love you. 

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jackie said...

Sherry, thank you for visiting my blog. I immediately hopped over to check yours out and I love all of your art! Your jewelry and altered books especially appeal to me.

Your son is a doll!

Great blog!