Sunday, January 23, 2011


a tree called life
tree image courtesy of Katelyn Swanson
title courtesy of ee cummings

My baby girl, Dani, turned 23 last Friday.  Lately she's been into trees and ee cummings so I made this collage for her using a photo taken by one of her closest friends (I did a gel transfer).  I'm finally giving it to her tonite so I think it's safe to have this post publish while we're out to dinner.

Dani is extremely smart, kind, driven, fun, clever, hard-working, creative, a good friend, a loving daughter and beautiful - actually, exotic is probably a good word to describe her beauty.  I am so proud to know her and constantly amazed that she actually came from me!!!  In December, she graduated summa cum laude in humanities from the University of Central Oklahoma and she's going to continue growing into a wonderful woman and I can't wait to see everything that entails.

I love you Dani.

ps -  the birthday dinner was great - here's a picture of Dani tonite wearing the charm bracelet/necklace I made


Brittany said...

Gorgeous piece Sherry! And you're right she is a pretty amazing woman. And I am so blessed that she and you and your wonderful family are a part of my life. :)

Diane said...

She's beautiful! Love your gift to her--you're so talented. Happy Birthday to her!! (don't the years fly!!)

Cyndi L said...

Ohmygoodness, Sherry...this gave me quite a start! My baby girl is Dani, and she will be 24 in April :-)

sonyamacdesigns said...

wow, what an awesome gift for your daughter and I love what you are doing here, on this your spot!


beautiful...the jewelry and your daughter :)