Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CitraSolv Tests

After reading about CitraSolv Concentrate and National Geographics on Pam T's Art Loft and on Approachable Art, I went to the CitraSolv website and just KNEW that I absolutely HAD to try this. So I hunted CitraSolv down at a health food store here in Oklahoma City. Then I bought 20 National Geographics at a local thrift store for $2.

Somewhere I had read not to use pages that had lots of black ink so for my first test, I pulled out all the pictures with too much black. And I don't think I used enough CitraSolv. All my results were rather muted, with the exception of a few amazing pages that kept a lot of the original photo (I used one of these in Rest). Anyway, for the most part, my pages looked a lot like this one (click to enlarge - feel free to copy the enlargement for use as a background):

first CitraSolv results

Not bad but not what I was expecting. So Saturday, I left in darker images and squirted on a lot more CitraSolv. And my results are much more dramatic. Here's a sample (click to enlarge - feel free to copy the enlargement for use as a background):
second CitraSolv resultsBoth times, I kept the pages in a stack in a plastic tub in the garage (PLEASE don't do this in the house, the very strong orange aroma will make your eyes water tho it won't hurt you) for about an hour then pulled them apart and laid them out to dry. I've noticed a few things:
  • you can't find this stuff just anywhere - Whole Foods, Akins & other health food stores carry it - their website lists several online stores as well as a zipcode/locator tool (which I couldn't make work for me)
  • you need more CitraSolv on the top pages and less on the bottom because it runs down to the bottom
  • pulling the pages apart or wiggling them together causes the smears you see most places on the web
  • but sometimes you can get an image transfer onto text or another image if you have just the perfect amount of CitraSolv (the times this worked, I had sprayed it on), press it together and leave it alone
  • as others have said, this doesn't work with fashion magazines
  • however, I laid my images on top of my recycled paper to dry and guess what, it dissolved the inks on the JCPenney little catalog- the look is very different tho, soft with puddles of gray/black dots that used to be the type
  • you get ink on your hands but the CitraSolv cleans it right up - we've actually started using it on our kitchen counters in less concentrated form

Hope this helps you all with your own experiments. Please share with me what you learn. Next I want to try getting more controlled results - perhaps leaving a part of the image as is and smearing what's around it. And I'm also going to look for something that will work on fashion magazines - I'm gonna try NevrDull and a few other stinky liquids sitting in the cabinets.

I'll let you know what happens ~ Sherry

added 4/26 - I just found out I received an honorable mention in CitraSolv's contest for my piece REST (you'll have to go almost to the end of the page)

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Diane said...

Well, you sold me Sherry. I'm bookmarking this post. And THANK YOU for the links--I would be happy with your results--I love this!!