Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2 New Blogs

Just wanted to share with you a couple of new blogs from my daughter and her friends.

"more opinions than we know what to do with"
is a dining blog by my daughter, Dani, and one of her two besties, Katelyn.
(Katelyn is the one who took our wonderful anniversary photos as well as the photo I used in Dani's birthday art.)

I'm telling you, reading that blog is just like listening to them talk!!
Photo by Katelyn
is an art blog by my daughter's other bestie, Brittany
and her first post is about a piece she bought from me!!

These young women mean a lot to me - I've known them for so long, watching them grow from pre-teens to young adults discovering their own passions.  Well, one of them I've known for a lot longer - hehe.  Anyway, thanks for helping me support them in their cretive endeavors ~ Sherry


Danika said...

Thank you for this re-post!

Suzanne said...

They both look like they are promising blogs. Good luck to both of them. Be sure to turn them on to a bunch of your friends' blogs and maybe they'll want to follow some and get some followers in return.