Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I've noticed lately that nobody's reading my blog . . .
could it be cuz nobody's posting to it?
I have been so neglectful lately of everything -
including the things that matter most to me

I am so sorry for not posting or reading your blogs regularly -
in six weeks I should be back to normal.
Which we all know isn't all that normal  *WINK*

I made the piece above, BLUE, over a couple weeks
by dabbling a little every nite - and I mean a little.
Patrick dropped it off for

Maybe we'll see you there Saturday nite?

ps ~ since some have asked, I plan to get brave and post about the art I wrote about in my last post soon - how I did them, full size pictures, etc.  And, they did not get into the OKLAHOMA FRIENDLY show.  They had 785 pieces submitted and chose only 20%.  Guess that makes the rejection easier to handle. 


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

You post; I'll read. I love your blue. When I saw the tiny thumbnail of it on Facebook, I mistook it for a weather map. But it's much prettier than a weather map. Have a great day, Sherry.

NuminosityBeads said...

I love the blue and am happy to see you here.
Damn real life anyhow!
xoxo Kim

Antoinette said...

Hey Sherry,
20% of 785 is tough competition! Not very many were accepted. Next year maybe I'll enter with you. Too bad I'm not there this weekend to go to Money Talks, Art Walks! That sounds like a fun event!

Marcee said...

Holy cow Sherry, You really are an artist!! Not that I didn't believe you. I just didn't ask you what your passion was when we spoke on the phone. I love looking at all your stuff(art). Super Super cool. I'm no where close to your league. Can't wait to see more. I just love it.