Thursday, February 24, 2011

Risqué or Okay?

In mid-December, I finished a piece that I'd worked at on-n-off for 2½ years.
It is my favorite piece by me.
I absolutely love it.

So, I know you're over there saying,
"lemme see, lemme see"
but I'm afraid to post it cuz,
drumroll please,

there is, as we used to say in Houston, a NEKKID woman in it!!!!!
I have no problem with nekkidness and I don't think it's naughty to make or view nekkid art.
My question (Risqué or Okay?) isn't about the art but about putting them
on my blog, my Facebook page and/or my website.

I have a fear of being banned on Facebook or of getting an over-18 label on Blogspot.
Heck, can you tell by my cagey terminology, I'm afraid of
I don't know a lot about SEO or webcrawlers but I don't want to be
labeled as naughty because I use the real word for nekkidness.
Now I've completed another piece with this issue.
TOTALLY different from the first but nekkid just the same.
To make this even sillier, you can't see the body in the top one unless you're
standing 15 or more feet away.  And a few people have even seen
the second piece up close and don't realize it's a body.

So what are your opinions - not on nekkid art but on the consequences of posting said art?
Do you know much about crawlers and labels and banning, etc?
Should I be worried or should I post away?

(It sure would be nice if someone from Google or Facebook would just call and tell me the scoop!)

By the way, the top three photos are from the piece
FIFTY-ONE also known as FIRE
and the lower three are from the new piece


Maura said...

I myself have no problem with nekkedness in art. And these are art pieces, not photographs. I don't know anything about web crawlers either and would hope that if you posted them it would not cause a problem. If you sold them on Etsy would that cause a problem? I have no idea. I'm with you though... don't want to see you "shut down" blogwise or webwise. I've seen vile language with equally vile ideas in blogs, but never felt the compunction to report it if it isn't pornographic. I just don't return to those sites. Your art isn't pornographic and if what I see pictured here is anything like I think it is, I can't imagine it being seen that way. Just my 2 cents worth! XOXOX

Jan said...

I can only repeat what Maura said. I am ignorant of the rules so can't advise you but feel confident that your work is not nasty and would like to be able to see it. I'd hate to see you banned for it. I hope someone else can advise you better. Good luck.

Sherry said...

a lot of y'all have been emailing me about all the lovely art out on the web so I think I'll get past my paranoia and post full size photos in the coming weeks along with some explanation of how I did what.

I submitted the piece Oklahoma Hills and two others for a local show and will find out Tuesday if I'm in.