Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great Weekend

I had the BEST kind of weekend - I got to spend it arting.
I'm trying to get a piece ready to submit to the OKLAHOMA FRIENDLY show
but I can never do just one thing!
So I did background prep on a LOT of journal pages (above)
and I worked on two pieces for my art group and two other canvases.
The piece for the show is the one on the bottom right.
This is how I left these yesterday morning when I went to work -
piles on the floor and incomplete pieces on the desk.

In addition to arting, Patrick and I went to a FUN party Saturday night -
I  just LOVE to dress up in a costume!

I sold a piece of art!
I'm telling you it was a GREAT weekend!!!

There was no art yesterday since it wasn't just Valentine's Day
but also our 20th anniversary of loving each other.
I can hardly believe how lucky I am to have him.

Hopefully I'll get to work some more on these tonight.
If not, I'll at least pick up that humongous pile of painted papers off the floor ~
last night I did move them from the hall to the studio at least!!!
I'll share more pictures of these as they get done.

Thanks for continuing to drop by ~ Sherry


Roz said...

It's looks like you had a fun and productive week-end. So pretty.

Antoinette said...

Happy Anniversary Sherry! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Congratulations on you sale!