Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This morning I was looking thru my old poetry to find something to write on a current collage when the vision of my life just crystallized perfectly AGAIN in my head. 

As with so many of you, it is my dream and my ambition to be a full time artist.  But is it what God wants for me?  Did He open my eyes this morning or was I just wishing?  To pursue the dream seems so very selfish (after all, this isn't as noble as MLK's dream!) yet I know I'm better to people when I'm following this path.

Here's what the above journal page says:
I saw again the vision
Of how my life should be
Of how the art flowed from me onto paper, canvas
Of words and paper
Of timeless, no, time-free immersion in my art
Of a life spent as I've spent only moments until now
Of being me all the time, unencumbered by financial constraints & concerns
Of me loving & living my best
Of being a temporary vessel allowing art & words
             to flow thru me
hmmmm, maybe I'll go write that on this art piece


Patrick said...

He wouldn't give you the desire if he didn't want you to pursue it. Plus I want you to go after your dream.

Love, Patrick

carmen said...

what a wonderful husband! Encouraging you to follow your do what you need to do to follow your dream!!

Sherry said...

I think so to Carmen. I was at work when I read his comment and I started crying!