Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Collected Thread

I think this could end up being a very rambling post - but please bare with me (or should that be, bear with me?) So here goes:

You may remember how much I love my hair guy, Sean, so I make sure I go to visit him on a regular basis. The Velvet Monkey where he works is in a part of Oklahoma City called the Plaza District in what used to be an ice house. Most of Plaza District is still pretty rough but there is a real move to revitalize it. (We thought about moving there but I just don't have enough pioneer spirit in my old age - maybe half a lifetime ago...)

Last time I had a hair appointment I was early so I stopped into a store called Collected Thread next door. COOL!! They had handmade clothing fashion accessories as well as some vintage and a few new items related to making clothing & fashion accessories. I found this awesome sketch book for fashion design. Now I don't usually draw clothes anymore but it is how I started my art "career" back when I was about four so I HAD to buy it! When you copy your sketched fashion design, the pre-printed body isn't supposed to show up!! (I think that's what made this hard to photograph - that or the fact that photography is not one of my artistic skills!) To tell you the truth, when I bought it, I didn't really think I'd be designing clothing - I thought I'd probably use some of the cool pages in my collage.

I also found some beautiful vintage patterns and, again, HAD to buy this one for the sewing section of my studio. The sizes were different back then but I think this MIGHT actually fit me - if I were to sew it. I gave up on sewing any clothes that involved zippers, set-in sleeves or buttons a long time ago. In other words, everything but elastic waist skirts which, as you know if you watch What Not to Wear, are NO-NOs!!! But my new machine might improve my skills. Tho I couldn't bring myself to cut up the pattern anyway!

So that's my really rambling post. If you're in OKC, check out Collected Thread. Or Sean at Velvet Monkey (tell him I sent you)! I'm gonna get off this PC now and get to work on an initial bracelet that was ordered. Then to work-work. Then I think I want to try a transfer to beeswax on a piece that I thought I finished last week. Hmmm. Now I'm done with my rambling post!!

a few have asked for more info regarding ordering the initial bracelets - click here


Pam Tucker said...

Oh, I am drooling over this store! How awesome is this store! I love all things to do with fashion (tho you could never tell by looking at me. lol!) I looked them up on the web and will check them out.

Awesome jewelry work!

And thank you for your kind thoughts about hubby. He's doing much better.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Ohhh! Found you by way of Martha Lever and sooo glad I did! I'll be back to take a gander at all your older posts as well..

Martha Lever said...

Wow, what a wonderful oops!!! Thanks for your comment today and you have an interesting suggestion to put some faces or flowers on these graffiti-like backgrounds. Maybe I will try it!! :))

Ro Bruhn said...

Thank heaven for mistakes, they make us see things in a whole new light, love it.

Martha Lever said...

Your initial bracelets are fabulous. I need to sell something so I can buy one!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

I love this post !
Everything is inspiring,
the sketchpad with the charming graphics,
the old world glam look pattern and the paraphernalia you chose to photograph it with.
Thank you !

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

I am in love with that sketchpad! I love that it lays flat and the feel of the paper inside. I do not sew either but I do own a sewing machine. Maybe, one day... I wanted to say "hi" from the Flying Lessons e-course. -Robin

Martha Lever said...

Hey Sherry,
The copic markers can be sprayed on with an air compressor. I have really loved using mine and use them to enhance my spray painting pieces. I am sending your swap present tomorrow! I couldn't get the the PO today so I will send it tomorrow.