Tuesday, December 22, 2009


See MeA few years ago, while working on a round robin tag book project called SEE ME, I sent an email out to everyone I knew asking them to describe me. Now I have to admit that the people who didn't like me much didn't answer. But otherwise the number one response was TRANSPARENT and I do try to be that. Now, don't get me wrong - everyone doesn't know everything. As a matter of fact, I don't think any one person knows it ALL, though my husband and my BFF come close. But I want to be real with those around me - if you're gonna love me, it's not gonna be cuz you only know the good parts.

With that in mind, here's a little more about me:

I am no Mother Theresa.
And I am no Martha Stewart.

I think I do a good job of loving my kids but baking for birthdays or Christmas? HA!! Why do that when there are so many local bakeries that need my financial support?

I'm very organized as an accountant but getting everything else done in a timely manner? HA!! Where's the mystery in life if it all goes according to plan?

And cleaning? What a joke!! I can't get the FUN stuff done let alone the stuff I hate. So you're gonna have to ignore dust bunnies at my house (I told my husband that I was hoping the dust would get thick enough to look like snow but it hadn't so I WILL dust before Christmas dinner).

So when I read this blog post, I had to pass it along: BEING REALLY REAL

Have a REAL new year. Remember, perfectionism can be both irritating and BORING ~ Sherry

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Roz said...

Fun post but now you've got me curious.