Friday, September 18, 2009

Art Journal Challenge Week 3: Nonconformity

This is week 3 of the self-portrait art journaling challenge. Today I got a little carried away with drawing the picture of me and then didn't know what to say about it - it was really more of a portrait than a journal page - so I put it aside when my friend Roz came over.
After the third time she told me I was more weird than the rest of us, I pulled out one of the rubber stamps I had stolen from her and tattooed the middle of my forehead with the words
and be
I have always been a little "different". And except for junior high, I've always felt pretty good about it. I know that's what Roz meant by "weird":
unique, different, one-in-a-million, special.
A few years ago, for a project, I asked my friends and non-friends to describe me. The constant themes of the answers were independent and open, accepting and non-judgmental. Of course, since only my friends answered the email, the results were nice!
Be yourself.
Accept others for being themselves.
And life will never be dull ~ Sherry


Bill Ball said...

We love our non-conformist daughter. We have no idea where she gets it!!!!!!?????? Mom and Dad

The Clip Cafe said...

I like it!