Saturday, July 09, 2011

Which Way?

Which Way?
encaustic collage on wood

A few posts back I asked how you know when a piece is done?  There are certain pieces that I know are done and others that I know need further development.  Then there are the others ~ those pieces that don't tell me to stop or to keep going.

Today I decided to attack one of the pieces I knew was not quite right (I'm very happy with it now but I can't show you yet because I need my husband to cut the end off) and ended up reworking the one shown here.

Here's the thing: I thought this one was finished when I showed it to you earlier.  But today I realized the wax was too thick and bland so I ironed off some wax and ironed on some color.  What do you think?  Was I right to listen today?

There are a couple more pieces that are speaking to me so hopefully I'll have more pictures soon.

In other news . . .
> as I mentioned in my last post, I started another blog this week.  I also set up a Tumblr blog (not impressed with the format so don't know if I'll keep that up).  And I'm contemplating Google+.  I'm starting to think I should stop - how much is too much?  I'm afraid that social media could take over ALL my time.
> I watched entirely too much Hoarders Monday while defrosting the freezer in the garage.  Now everywhere I look I see a mess!  So my daughter came over and helped me gut the guest room.  It looks so good with the art on the walls.
> Speaking of art - where do you keep yours?  I am getting quite a few pieces here so I decided I needed to hang more so I'm working up piles of what to hang in which rooms.  My house is looking more like a gallery every day.  And while I've sold a few pieces off the walls in my house, I don't really have tons of traffic traipsing thru. 

I guess that means I need to start looking around for gallery representation.  A few friends on facebook have given me some direction in that area so I have no excuse. 

Afterall, I can always make more art to fill the unoccupied spaces on my walls ~ if I don't spend all my time online, that is.

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