Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nekkid Again

or maybe I should say I'm talking about nekkidness in art again.

Some of you might remember that in a post titled Risqué or Okay? I stressed about posting art online that contained nudity - not a problem with nudity in art but with putting it online.
After receiving a few comments and several emails, I decided to go for it. 
So here's the scoop on the piece
(formerly known as Fifty-One)*
This piece is large - 31 x 41 - and unless you're at least 15 feet away,
it just appears to be abstract.
It's made up of 51 of these 3x3 squares that are portions of a highly pixelated photo.
But when you stand back far enough
you can see the nekkid woman!!
Since online you see the entire piece at once,
you don't get to experience the sense of discovery -
which is why I'm hinting at it with lots of close up shots
(plus, with these detail shots you can see a lot of the layers and texture).

here she is

Thanks for helping me to be more brave!!

* Do you ever work on a piece and have a title in mind only to change it after viewing it for awhile? 

This piece was originally called Fifty-One because, well, it was started the year she turned 51 - thus the 51 squares.  But it took me so long to finish her that she was no longer 51!!  As I continued to view it, the canvas just looked like it was on fire with charred edges and the white flame in the center.  So she got a new name. 

Plus she's pretty hot for a 51 year old - hehehe (I said that just for my husband's benefit)


Liz-Anna said...

Great concept, Sherry! I am a big fan of the human form, especially in art, and it makes me sad that anyone would take offense to it.

Jan said...

I love the whole concept of this piece, from the subtle creation to the idea of the reasoning behind it. I'm sure she is gorgeous! It is beautifully conceived and constructed from what I can tell.