Wednesday, May 11, 2011

he needs a name (since named SEEKER)

beeswax, scrapbook paper, CitraSolv paper, pattern tissue, crayon, pastel
Finally found the time, energy, inspiration and materials to do some art.  Spent Monday digging in the garage for my CitraSolv papers only to discover them in the paper slot marked, wait for it, CitraSolv Papers.  Yikes!  I was just too organized for myself!!!

I found two papers late Monday that I thought looked good together so I decided to use them together as I worked thru ideas for an upcoming beeswax workshop I'll be teaching at My Heart's Fancy in OKC later next month (I'll let you know the date when it's decided - test run is 5/25).  When I started playing with the papers  yesterday morning I discovered the ghostly, melty face of a man in the CitraSolv paper and decided to play up the eye with a bit more color and the melty effect with dripping beeswax.  Usually I do so many more layers than this but he just seems finished.

Except for the title.

In my last post I talked about having a title for a piece only to have the piece tell you later what its real name is.  I have nothing for this one.  Anyone have any suggestions?


glynis said...

Eye Spy? :-) Looking forward to the class!

Jan said...

I keep coming back to look at the little guy but a name is not popping out at me. I will say he looks like a little elfin leprechaun so was trying to come up with some sort of Celtic name. Hamish, something like that.

Sunny Lee said...

Your melted wax technique gives this guy a very ghostly look. I can't stop starring at his green eyed.
Very interesting piece!!!!!!!!!

Pam Tucker said...

Oh Sherry, I LOVE this piece! These papers look gorgeous together. Beautiful work!

I'm terrible at titles. I usually have snippets from poems that I've cut out ahead of time and save in a baggie. Then I randomly reach in and draw one out when all else fails.

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Hi Sherry,

...just popped in to see what you were up to,
sorry "He" didn't whisper his name to me.
I think that is something that will only happen for you.

I enjoyed the visit and fun time you are having with mixed media on paper, makes me want to experiment with encaustic.

Thank you for sharing your creativity !