Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In the Mail Last Week

I received some great goodies in the mail last week and wanted to share them with you.  Please check out these two artists' blogs and leave them a comment - their generosity deserves a pat on the back!

From Liz-Anna in BC, I received these gorgeous handmade papers that I won in a giveaway.  After receiving them and reading all the work that goes into them on this post, I decided to order two cards from her Etsy store.
ingredients from left to right: Moose Poo, Swamp Grass & Recycled Paper, Cattail & Recycled Paper,
Stinging Nettle & Recycled Paper, Iris Leaf & Recycled Paper, Pure Corn Husk
Yes, your read that right - Moose Poo Paper.  It wasn't included in the original giveaway but I was so fascinated by the concept (read about it here) that she threw a piece in for me.  I cannot tell y'all how beautiful and richly textured these papers are.

I also received a hand-bound journal from Martha Lever in a swap.  Naturally, I have misplaced her note telling me what type of paper she used but it feels like it will be perfect for sketching & painting.  She stamped, spray painted and stitched the cover.
Aren't those ribbons & fabric strips adorable? However, as with most beautiful journals I have, I haven't been able to bring myself to mess up the pages yet!

In exchange for the journal I sent Martha one of my INSPIRING WORDS charm bracelets.  I had never done one quite so big & colorful before.  She was so sweet she made a little video of it here.  If you want to see more of the bracelets I make to order, they're here on my website.  I hope to write a post about the different charms that went on this bracelet soon.

Thank you again Liz Anna & Martha ~ Sherry


Roz said...

Such fun paper, moose poo, who knew. The Journal is so pretty and you could never "mess up the pages" with the art/journaling you do. It will only add to the books beauty.

jackie said...

Sherry I love the paper and I viewed her website with your super duper bracelet............great job......ANd I love the moose poo paper. The colors look great even from a picture, so I'm sure they are gorgeous in real life.