Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Courage to Create

Courage to Create

So with a little courage I'm declaring this "done" and showing it to you.

Though, quite frankly, I'm really still not sure it IS done. I just struggle with making art that has no images drawn or glued on. For some reason, in my head it's still just a background. Because this is how I do most of my backgrounds: layer, layer, layer.

I started out with a book page and two images from a fashion magazine altered with acetone. Then paints, tissues, modeling paste - not necessarily in that order.

Ink, more paint, more texture, the quote written in sharpie, a copper charm I made but never used. Oh. And apparently very different lighting!!!

Charcoal around the edges, a little more paint, a thin layer of beeswax and still different lighting.

Green crayon and gold encaustic.
Courage to Create
What do you think? Is it really done?
Do you always include images in your work?
Thanks for the help ~ Sherry

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Diane said...

I love it Sherry, and I know exactly what you mean--sometimes it tells you when it's done and other times it doesn't. And I know that as cool as this looks on the computer screen, it's even better in person.

Roz said...

I always include images in stuff. It's the safe thing to do, and I like safe. I LOVE safe. I also love when other people break the safe mold and just do. I love your "just do" spirit.

Martha Lever said...

This is great!! It could be done...sometimes it's hard to know!

Jan said...

Honest opinion, I honestly love what you have here. Does it look like a finished piece? I'm not sure, seems like it could have more done to it, depends on what you do to finish it such as how you might frame it? Also how big is it? If it is large that would help make it look finished but if it is small it might look like a background waiting for the foreground to be put in.

I don't always put figures in my work but I haven't done much work like you have done here. I am more of a fiber artist than a painter. I do abstract frequently.

This is beautiful and has a lot of depth to it. Maybe it just needs to sit for a while longer before you decide? If I was viewing it on a wall in a gallery it would look gorgeous with a gallery spotlight on it, and I would naturally see it as finished. If it was standing on an easel in your studio I might wonder if it was finished or waiting for its next step. I'm no help at all, am I!

Pam Tucker said...

Creativity does take courage; you took the leap and it paid off! This is beautiful! OMG!! The textures really show through, the colors are highlighted very nicely with the all came together beautifully the way you put it together.

I'm getting away from using images in my art, just to challenge myself to express my feelings through the colors, textures, etc. This is wonderful, Sherry!

LiveArt said...

Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog today :) And for leaving such i kind comment, I'm happy to have met you in blogland and I love the textures you've got going, great depth and colours in your piece!! You asked for advice, and my advice is, listen to yourself and to your piece of art, if it's not all finished, in time it will let you know what it needs :) I think it's gorgeous but sometime we need to be patient with our art, to stay with it for a while, and to listen to it....


lynne h said...

sherry, i was just thinking about this very thing last night... i was enjoying pushing paint around with my fingers so much, but without an image on it, i felt i had no idea when it was done. i've thought about this before, but was really giving it a going over last night because i was liking what i did so much... but! how on earth do you tell when it's done?! it's so easy for me with a face or other image i've drawn - i have a definite feeling when it's done, and my eyes can't see anything else that needs to be changed or added to. but with abstract paintings i don't have that sense at all.

ha! i'm really rambling!

i sure love this painting... it looks like it *could* be done. but how on earth does one tell? this is what i wonder... : )

thank you for your nice words over at my place...



crafty creations said...

Hi Sherry I agree with Jan - its a stunning textured piece with lots to see - it would depend where I looked at it as to whether it was finished or not as Jan said in a gallery under a spotlight - brilliant !!! In your studio on your easel - waiting for something else.

Thank you so much for visiting my challenge blog and sharing your stunning work xx Hilda

crafty creations said...

Just wanted to add - I've added myself to your followers so I can come look regularly at your work x Hilda

Kelly said...


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Neet said...

This intrigued me when I saw the thumbnail and I knew I was right to click on. It is beautiful. Whether I use images or not in my work you do not need to with this - it is so very lovely as it is.