Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Organizational Help Needed

I really need your help fellow paper artists and collage artists:


I did file mine in a 3 drawer lateral file cabinet but found that new stuff just piled up. Now I have two huge tubs of paper to be filed!!! AND I realized that I haven't really been pulling from the drawers enough.

I guess I should add that the file cabinet is full. I have TONS of paper. I thought about buying shelving or drawers from the craft supply store but I would have to buy soooooooooooo many. I have more paper than anyone I know - and some of them have a LOT!

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you ~ Sherry


Diane said...

Oh wow, Sherry, if you find the answer--let me know too!

Pam Tucker said...

Sherry, I came to the comments to see what a good answer would be. I have MANY tubs of papers...I'm drowning!! Sorry I can't help with this one. :(

NuminosityBeads said...

I'm having trouble with my studio space these days. I have lots of space but not the vision to make it the most efficient and usable. I need a makeover, I'm afraid. Step one would be not to add any more stuff!
It's nice to be able to see the supplies without them taking over the room. I want answers!!!!!

Ophelia said...

Unfortunately, I am here like the rest...looking for answers...I too am drowning in paper...paper, paper everywhere!

Roz said...

Use what you have, and don't buy more. At least that's what I try to tell myself.

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Oh Dear, I have a feeling most creative types have the same challenge.
I know I do.
A great quote by A.A. Milne comes to mind
" One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making new discoveries "

Patti said...

I think there is merit in both what Roz and Summerland said... I'm being very careful about bringing new paper, etc. into the studio, looking through a pile I haven't seen in a while to refresh my memory about what I do have (AA Milne quote). I think if I were going to try conventional filing it would send me over the edge because maybe that is too much work. I like the clear bins that stack, big enough to see in so they can be loosely categorized.
Sorry about writing a book here, but what blows me away is the widespread repetitive cry for help. I haven't read the gorgeous magazines that display beautiful spaces that seem so far out of my reach... but maybe that's where we'd find the organizational 'secrets.'

alteredbits said...

a couple of years ago i meticulously organized my paper, not to say that it's as organized now, but it definitely works. i found some 13 inch wooden cubes with 3 drawers and bought 3. they have label holders on the pulls and i organized my 12x12 papers in there: neutrals, light colors, dark colors, blacks, vintage, etc. then have two for cut pieces. it's nice because if i have a hue in mind to use, i can pull out the lightweight drawer and don't make a super huge mess. the cubes can stack on top of each other, pop an assemblage some old books and a vase of bamboo on top, and poof, it looks nice and tidy (that's what i did at least). i have a whole separate system for the small left overs though but this is novel-length already. :)

The Creative Beast said...

Hello Sherry,
I recently found your site through the Flying Lessons facebook site and I've been finding great stuff on your blog =-)

Here is what I've done with much of my collage paper - I use a file cabinet i found at IKEA which you can find here:

What i LOVE about this file cabinet (besides the rolling castors!) is that there are two hidden flat drawers within the hanging file drawer. That is where i keep my old french paperback books among other papers and I can file my other paper by category in the hanging drawer =-)
Feel free to e-mail me and I can send along pictures that may be of help for you =-)