Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Day

First, our son Nate is home from the hospital.
Many, many thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, prayed and just helped.
I don't think there's anything more scary and emotionally draining than when your child goes thru something like this - even when he's an adult.

I praise God for this good outcome and for all our good friends.

Next, still haven't finished any art projects. Okay, I admit it, I haven't done one thing on my TO-DO list tax season ended except read. And that has been a lot of fun.

Hopefully I'll get the pile cleaned up in my studio today and maybe I'll even finish the two pieces I've dabbled at off-n-on this tax season.
Or maybe not. No promises.
I think I'm going to go read a bunch of art blogs before I start working in here. That's bound to give me lots of ideas.

Thanks for continuing to check in - I hope I'm back to "normal" soon ~ Sherry

These are the photos I intended to post Monday before the phone call came - just did a little planting on the back porch of our new house. I think I'm going to leave the chair on the right rusty looking but I definitely have to clean up the rocker on the left.

There is still so much to do since the move! Does it ever end?


Pam Tucker said...

Good news about your son! Glad to hear it. I'm envious of your reading time. I miss reading and it's been calling me.

Funny that you asked whether I was going to use any of my faces in my encaustic work. Today I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate one into a piece I'm struggling with. Thanks for your comments! Love hearing from you. ;)

jackie said...

Hope all is going well with your son! Glad your tax season is over and your back into the creative mode again.

Silke said...

I'm so glad that your son is doing better!!

You asked me about etsy - I've had some success but not like others. If I were dependent for income on my etsy shop, I'd be in trouble... That said, I haven't put a whole lot of energy into it because it's so time-consuming.

I used to sell my scarves on eBay and had success with that, but the fees are much more than on etsy. I haven't tried anything else, really... How about you?

Hugs, Silke

jackie said...

I am not very good at organization stuff so I can't help you one should see my pile of papers! HORRIBLE is all I can say.

About the permanent ink I guess it would wash out if you were to use it for garments instead of art work.