Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Quickie

Tax time is taking it's toll on my time and energy so I have no new art to share - not even a doodle. Well, not one that I want anyone to see - and probably not for the reasons that immediately pop in your head.

But I don't want to ignore y'all. I get so excited when I get a comment or a new follower and I want you all to know how much I appreciate you. So, since there's no sharable art, I'll share some good news and a few links if you don't mind.

First, my friend Maura who owns My Heart's Fancy bought Risk Blossoming.Risk Blossoming There really is nothing more exciting than having someone contact you and say I HAVE TO HAVE THAT. Of course, when I delivered it to her, I turned around and spent the money on Tim Holz stamps, etc. Thank you Maura.

And I finally put a piece of jewelry in my Etsy store.. I made this piece a few weeks before we moved and it's been staring at me from my mannequin this whole time!

Nancy received her prize necklace and blogged about it . I was so happy to find out she liked it. And her post brought some new readers and followers. Thank you Nancy.

Then I won a prize at Numinosity Beads. I can't wait to get these beautiful beads. Thank you Kimberly.

Boy, I love blogland!

The last thing to share in this rather haphazard post is that my art group, The Ephemerites, met last night. I love getting together with these friends and seeing all of the goodies they are making. It is always inspiring and my tax induced funk was lifted. My friend Ellen had so many journal pages and sketches - I'd show you but she's been too busy arting to blog. Roz showed us a piece of a soda can she embossed in her Cuttlebug - I'll definitely steal that idea. Lynda & Jackie had made lots of gorgeous tags. Their styles are so different and I loved each piece. Thank you all.

Well, hope you have fun visiting these other sites. And THANK YOU for stopping by, following and commenting ~ Sherry


jackie said...

I guess I am the first to comment on your thursday morning blog post............You are so inspiring to all of us with your art and humor....keep your chin up on tax time and you will live through another year.
Thanks Missy!


Sounds like fun at your art group :)

Thanks for the link!

And I will always take very good care of the pendant and wear it with joy.

Thanks, Sherry.

L Bruno said...

Morning Sherry - love the necklace you did in your Etsy Shop. Very nice piece. Looking forward to seeing your canvas Maura bought! Hope she has it at the store:)
Enjoyed last night - was nice just getting together and share.

NuminosityBeads said...

Good morning sherry, your package is on it's way!
Thanks for the shout out.


Fran M said...

Thanks for speaking so highly of us - I love how this group has grown and that we are really getting to know each other. Congrats for selling your piece of art to Maura. Hope you don't get too bogged down in the numbers of the season!

jgr said...

Hi Sherry,
Big congrats on selling that wonderful piece! Thank you for your comment, too, the pieces I sold are stylized portraits, I was so happy to have the sale, I didn't think to post them hahah!

glynis said...

I love that i'm included in the ephemerites...even when pizza is served! Had a great time last night just visiting and show & telling...thanks Sherry. Without you, there'd be no us.

Jan said...

A lot for me to check out from this post. Congratulations for your wins and to your winners and also for your sale! always a good thing.