Monday, January 25, 2010


Well today is the day. Today I return to Woody & Associates to begin tax season. I'll be working full-time thru April 15th and I'm sure in three or so weeks I'll be working Saturdays too.

I really like working there each tax season. But tax-time severely limits my creative time. And when my creative time is limited, the actual MAKING THINGS takes preference over blogging about making things!!

Which is all to say that I'll post as much as possible but if I don't chat with you for long periods of time, don't think I've QUIT. I'll be back regularly after April 15th.

Thank you again for visiting ~ Sherry


Diane said...

Love it--I know it's like a face epidemic. I've just started using the colored pencils (I'm in Suzi Blu's class) They're a little tricky, but I love the results that you get from them.

Martha Lever said...

She is great!!! You did a great job. Yes, several of us have "facey fever"!!! Thanks so much for the link! :)))