Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drawing Faces

I have been seeing lots of faces on lots of blogs lately and it made me want to try my hand at them again.

Not bad. Kinda long/skinny. This is done with pencil and sharpie.

Now I need to learn how to do the pretty coloring that so many others do. I've tried oil painting faces before and, quite frankly, not so good.

I noticed Martha Lever has been trying color pencils. EEEEEEK!!!! I really am not good at using those all by themselves - I don't know how to do all the blending necessary to get depth/dimension. When I have some time, maybe I'll find an online tutorial.

Someone else did some beautiful, realistic faces with acrylic paint in her journal - I'll have to hunt that one down again.

Anyway, just a little sketching while relaxing in front of the television after a day of taxes. (I also do Sudoku while watching TV but that's not all that interesting to talk about! lol)

I'll be back as soon as I can - I have another piece I finished last week that I need to photograph again and post.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Sherry


Createology said...

Yes there are faces being drawn everywhere but not by me. Maybe someday I shall try. Yours is wonderful. Bless you for working the tax season and helping people. Keep creating...

Patti said...

your faces are great! I can draw a cup and a bird - ha. I can see why you want to win my drawing - your found object jewelry is amazing!!


really great face...actually looks like a girl my son goes to school with.....funny coincidence !!

My friend Pam Carriker teaches a portraits class over at creativeworkshops.ning.com Perhaps you'd like that :)

Thanks for the message about my prize...I hope it isn't being a problem child!!! I'm getting very excited :) Thanks tons !

Silke said...

Oooo, how beautiful! I wouldn't even know where to start drawing a pencil face. This is great!! Wonderful blog - I'm so glad you found me so I could find you...
Oh, and with the image transfers, I used an inkjet printer. I've also done the transfers from magazine pages and from scrapbook pages. It's always worked just fine for me. What problems do you have with it? :) Silke