Sunday, January 24, 2010

Completed Art Journal

I finally bound my journal for 2009. I know a lot of you work inside a pre-made journal, but I work on loose pages and bind them with my Zutter Bind-It-All at the end.

Why loose pages instead of a pre-made book? Mainly becuz my journal is more than just my art pages - I include other things that I don't necessarily want to glue down:
  • I like the freedom to use any paper I want when I'm art journaling. Sometimes I feel like using big paper. Sometimes I feel like using ledger pages. Sometimes I use prepainted papers. Sometimes I close my eyes and grab.
  • I tend to write things down whenever they occur - which isn't always when my art journaling supplies are with me. Sometimes I sketch. Sometimes I make notes about an idea that's popped into my head. Sometimes I journal my feelings about a particular situation. I want all these in my book.
  • I print out my blog entries. Most people probably don't do that but my posts are records of how I did a particular piece and/or what I was thinking about at a given time and therefore journal entries in my opinion.
  • I photograph or scan everything I make* so I can put it on the website or blog or Etsy or all the above. So I print out those for my journal too. Then I can see where I was on my art journey at a given time.
After I have enough pages, I put them all in order and bind them. My friend Roz has given me a bunch of old World Book Encyclopedias so I gut the pages, gesso, Modpodge, stamp, paint, write on the covers and glue the last page of my bound "signature" to the inside of the back cover.

I love the way the journals look like books from the outside but all the pages are different and "messy" on the inside. Hmmmm, kinda like me?

So, what do you think? ~ Sherry

* I also photograph or scan my art at various stages - especially while working on the backgrounds. I can use these later as backgrounds for journal pages or other pieces of art - and hopefully as parts when I finally learn to do digital collage.


Patti said...

I can't recall how I came across your blog but I'm so glad I did! I love your art and your blog. Printing out blog entries and including them in a journal is such a great idea... mine are really like essays so I should be doing the same thing.
I'm not familiar with that binding system, I'll Google it, sounds like it's a tidy way to finish it off!

Sharon said...

I am so inspired. Someday I would really like to see your art journal in person.