Thursday, December 03, 2009

Moving: Done; Unpacking: HaHaHa

I'm writing tonite becuz I think I should, not cuz I have anything important to say. We're in our house but we are far from being unpacked. Some of Christmas is even up in some of the rooms. I love this house. But I'm tired of never finding what I'm looking for. (It's cold here now and where are my sweaters?????)
You know what would help? MAKING SOMETHING. But the odds of that happening any time soon are pretty slim since all the art supplies are in boxes in the garage. OH! Except for the stamps at Roz's house. Maybe a "play date" is in order!! (Actually I guess we're having one tomorrow - we're going to WITH JOY - I need some more sheep for my nativity set.) Anyway, I feel like I'm going thru withdrawal cuz I haven't made anything since 10/23! YIKES!

No creating yet. I have to get that closet in order. But after that, maybe we can put up the shelves in the new studio and start bringing boxes inside. I'll keep you posted ~ Sherry

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