Saturday, October 10, 2009

Recovery Time in the Studio

As I may have mentioned before, in addition to being a mix-media artist, I'm an accountant - it's the way I pay for art supplies. As you may not know if you're not into accounting, this Thursday is another IRS deadline: 401(k) reports are due. That's what I'm doing these days.

And I'm exasperated and worn out. There are clients who didn't send in their "stuff" until last week and it was so wrong that I have to spend days correcting it. I know they're well-meaning clients and probably perfectly nice people but . . .

So in an effort to recover from last week and build up strength for the next week, I'm going to spend today doing things I love. First, there was a fattening breakfast. Then we bought flowers for the garden. Then I went shopping for boots (OMG, they are SO awesome), jewelry, a jacket and a couple sweater dresses. It is amazing (and kinda sad?) how great a new pair of shoes can make me feel. Bring it on clients: I have new, incredible high-heeled black boots and I know how to use them!!!!

But after I finish writing this, I'm going to do what soothes my soul the most: spend time in my studio. Even if all I do is reorganize art supplies, time in the studio both calms and invigorates me. There's just something about touching all the fun goodies that soothes and inspires me. (The only problem with reorganizing is that then I can't find anything!)

Today I won't be reorganizing or even just playing around. I'm going to "finish" the book I started with a group of friends on 9/24 (you can read more in the previous post). It's titled ART INSPIRATION: ENCOURAGING WORDS FOR THE CREATIVE SOUL. I put the word finish in quotes becuz this book has so many pockets that I can keep adding quotes and sayings indefinitely.

Life and work can be exhausting. So, restore yourself this weekend - whether that means time in your studio or a hot bath (I plan to do that later today too) or reading a book (hmmm, can I fit that in too?) or a walk or shoe shopping or prayer and meditation ~ Sherry

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