Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Inspiration: The Company of Other Creative People

Awhile ago, I wrote a post about IDEAS & INSPIRATION. In the last paragraph, I wrote "the number one thing that gets my creative juices flowing is interacting with other creative people". It's the main reason I look forward to my monthly art group meetings. It's why I read blogs by other artists. It's why I buy books full of "eye candy" created by others.

When a group of creative people get together to create, ideas fly around the room. Soon you can watch new ones form in mid-air. A BIG BANG of ideas. Or maybe it's more like reproduction. It works with solving work problems too: start discussing the issue with a co-worker and the not-quite-right solutions you voice outloud come together and produce the right answer. It's just not as exciting with accounting as it is with art.

A couple of weeks ago, ten of us got together to make ANY WHICH WAY books that one woman ordered from Mrs. O'Leary's in Wichita. Everyone brought their gorgeous rubber stamps, inks, papers, tags and more. Just looking at the "goodies" was a very heady experience. We all have different directions in our regular arts-n-crafts. It was so exciting to see what everyone was doing for their books. Most of us stamped backgrounds and sayings. Two women made their books about their recent trip to Asia & Europe (can you say JEALOUS????).

But the exciting thing was how everyone shared their tips & techniques and their praise & suggestions along with their stamps & inks. We shifted into creative overdrive and all left at the end of the day exhausted and inspired.

Reached a creative block? Invite a few friends over to "art" and you may find you can't stop creating for a month ~ Sherry

a stamp from Mrs. O'Leary's

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