Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fini! Finished! Done!

I'm DONE with two ongoing projects that have been kicking my patootie - getting the house on the market and getting the website done.

A year ago I said the website was done but I now know that wasn't true - it was up but it wasn't done. And in some ways, websites aren't ever done. I still have PayPal to do on one page and I need to photograph a lot of jewelry for the jewelry gallery. Oh, and put up some journal pages. But the layout is perfected (thank you Hope) and the home page has a beautiful movie showing my "stuff" (thank you Victor).

The house is another story. Our house is beautiful. Patrick designed it and it has everything we need and want. We love it and our neighborhood. But we have no kids living upstairs anymore. We want a smaller carbon footprint. We want to have less debt. We want me to have more time for art. So we started talking about selling it over 18 months ago. But there was a wedding. Then we were just pokie. Then there was an economic crash. Then we were still just pokie. Now it's listed and we get to try to keep it ready to show for who knows how long.

It's such a relief to have these two major projects behind us. Then, in three weeks, tax season will be over and I won't know what to do with myself. Oh yeah: All the art projects sitting in baskets and tubs in the studio, the garage and the storage unit.

At least that should give me something pretty to post! ~ Sherry

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