Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art Journal Challenge Final Week: Blank

I have to confess that I have no self-portrait this week! Early in the week, I tried a profile only to have my media NOT mix! I set it aside for a few days but have been unable to come up with a fix - in part becuz this week completely and totally got away from me.

So no self-portrait from Sherry - tho there is one from Ellen (click here). I will post another journal page a little later and I will eventually add a slideshow of the work we did (including yours if you let me know).

I learned a couple of things from this challenge:
  • I don't draw enough anymore and I'm pretty good at it so I should do it more and get even better.
  • we are too self-critical - far harder on ourselves than on others. Case in point, one woman's drawings look just like her subject matter yet she feels the need to tell us what they're supposed to be and what's wrong with them. She needn't explain - it's perfectly clear to me what she's drawing. And even if it wasn't perfectly clear, it's ART and she owes no one an explanation let alone an apology.
  • we don't celebrate each others' artistic endeavors enough

What's next? Ellen is supposed to come up with a challenge for us to post at the end of October. Wonder if she knows?

Thanks for joining us in this challenge ~ Sherry

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Sharon said...

Hi, Sherry. Were you talking about me in your point number 2? Whether you were or not, I have to say that I love your attitude and your self assurance.