Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another New Medium

As I may have mentioned, Patrick and I are getting our house prepped to put on the market. A big part of that prep has been containing the art supplies.

You see, and forgive me if I've already said this here, one of the drawbacks, maybe the only one, to being a mixed-media artist is that I have to have all the supplies for all the different media. Oil paints. Oil paint sticks. Water soluable oil pastels. Rubber stamps. Ink. Encaustic. Acrylics (fluid and heavy body). Gels. Polymers. Resins. And, my gosh, the PAPER! It's everywhere! And as an assemblage artist, I can't see one piece of refuse without thinking, "hmmmmm, if I did . . . I could make . . . with that". So not only do I have tons of art supplies, I have tons of junk.

So I've kind of been bemoaning my non-choice of a particular medium as I filled up the storage unit with art supplies and junk. But what did I do with my birthday gift cards? I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a jewelry glass kiln that works in the microwave. Then I bought a new soldering iron. And more glass. And solder. I'm just a sucker for almost everything artsy-fartsy related. Unless it involves meticulous cutting. Yuck.

I had a fun day experimenting with the kiln and glass today with my BFF Roz. Hopefully I'll melt something that's worth photographing soon. And, yes, believe it or not, a microwave kiln WORKS!!! I wonder if metal clay would work in there or . . . Wait, Sherry, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Or do I? ~ Sherry

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