Friday, August 14, 2009

Experiments Gone Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Last nite I wrote about the fun day I had experimenting with my new glass kiln. Now let me tell you what happened AFTER I wrote.

Well, first I went to bed. But being "of a certain age" (ie, middle) I was having a restless night. The fact that all three stooges were snoring in my bed added to my sleeplessness. So I got up. Checked blogger. Checked facebook. Checked my email. Checked messenger even. Hmmmm. Now what? Oh, I know, that one piece of glass was just about perfect but not quite shiny enough. Now here's where I made my mistakes.
.....(1) Check the internet for instructions on shining up the fused glass BEFORE trying to fix it.
.....(2) No matter how wide awake I think I may be, I am NOT functioning at optimum performance levels at 3 am.

But early this morning, those things didn't occur to me. So I put the piece in the kiln with some clear glass balancing on top and set the microwave for way too long. When I opened the kiln, the clear glass had slipped off the fused glass and both pieces had become a big glumpy puddle - some of which was stuck to the kiln wall.

I have these magic heat proof gloves for taking the kiln out of the microwave (you should all totally buy them and keep them instead of those bulky kitchen mitts). But apparently there are limits to how heat proof they are. So when I saw the molten glass on the inside of the kiln wall, I tried to pull it off with the magic gloves.

Dumb!!! The gloves sizzled and turned brown and my fingers felt burned. I set down the kiln (amazing that I didn't drop it), took off the gloves and immediately iced my fingers.

Apparently the gloves were magic enough to keep my fingertips from blistering. But when I got up at a NORMAL time today, I noticed they had little brown marks on them that matched the weave of the gloves where they turned brown.

So buy the cool mesh magic heat proof gloves for your kitchen or kiln. But, for goodness sake, don't put them to the test in the middle of the nite unless you're pouring yourself some warm milk.

lol ~ Sherry

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