Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ideas and Inspiration

I became a fan of WHERE WOMEN CREATE on Facebook (I was already a fan of the magazine). They have a discussion thread going: "Where do you find inspiration for your art?"

As I thought about it, I realized that I don't seek out inspiration - it's kind of just a byproduct of going thru life. Right now, I have a lot more ideas than I have time so I WRITE THEM DOWN. My thought in doing this is that some day I may have time but no ideas and, voila, there's a well to draw them from! I have a secondary reason as well - sometimes, the ideas come to me at night and I'm unable able to sleep again until I've done it or at least written it down. (I hate to admit I'm the same way about accounting and groceries and everything else too - once it's in my head, I have to deal with it!)

As to the inspiration for a particular piece, I'm a "go with the flow" person. Sometimes, I'll just start painting a bunch of journal page backgrounds. Maybe I'll pull out a piece of glass or an image. Or I might pick up a piece of fabric or paper that I like and start pulling things that go with it.

Pretty soon what I'm working on tells me what to do. Or it tells me to backup and try again. Or it shouts at me to STOP! Enough! NO - not THAT paper! (BTW, art talking to you is NOT the same as the other voices some people hear - LOL.)

Let me know what your "process" is - after all,the number one thing that gets my creative juices flowing is interacting with other creative people (See Inspiration: The Company of Other Creative People ) ~ Sherry

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