Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hand Weaving

I love to hand-weave (tho it's a little too hot right now to have all the fibers in my lap) and thought I'd share some pics of the goodies I've made lately:

I just put up new wearables pages on the website that show these. In addition, I hand-weave little tiny purses. It's so fun to do - and a great excuse to buy yarn!!

I think tomorrow I might be able to finish some jewelry. Or work in my art journal. Or I might get stuck doing more stuff to the house to get it on the market. Either way, I'll try to come back soon ~ Sherry

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gr8fulg said...

These are all beautiful! We need to get you on Twitter so people will know. Would love for you to teach us Ephemerites how to do this.... :-)