Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Night Sky

This is a piece that my son and I created together. 
It's taken me a few weeks to do my part cuz life has been
crazy hectic for absolutely no known reason!
Does this ever happen to you?  You're rushing around all day and exhausted at night. 
Then you look at your to-do list and you can't cross anything off?
Well, that's where I've been for awhile now.

Anyway, here's how we created Night Sky:
Nate sprayed some of his paint onto water and dipped in a canvas
(don't you love how the heart just showed up?):

Then I sanded it to remove some loose paint globs and added gel pen:

Next came washes of various iridescent blues:

And I finished it off by adding some more depth to the outer edges with golden acrylics:
When Nate and I collaborate on a piece, we mark it Pashnada
on the front and then we both sign the back of the canvas.

Well, now I really do have stuff to do - I actually cook a lot for Thanksgiving (I know, don't die of shock).  We moved into our new home the week before Thanksgiving last year so we didn't do much here during the holiday season.  This year we're having a couple of functions so we have to start putting up the Christmas decorations immediately after Thanksgiving.  And boy, do I have a LOT of Christmas decorations to put up.

So all of that is my way of saying I might not see you for a couple of weeks.
In the meantime, have a happy, relaxing time with your family and/or friends
and a blessed time remembering all the good that we enjoy even during hard times.


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gr8fulg said...

LOVE this piece. Way to go Pashnada. Looking forward to seeing you soon.