Thursday, November 25, 2010

THE great debate

Do you call it dressing or stuffing?
Do you put it in the bird or bake it in a pan?
And, most importantly, white bread or cornbread?

Yesterday I made three batches of sweet cornbread cooked in bacon grease. 
Today I cut it up and mixed it with lots of melted butter, sauted red onions,
chopped jalepenos, chicken stock and spices.  Right now it's baking in a covered pan -
later I'll remove the cover so the edges can get crispy.

It is easily my favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast.

My family is from Michigan and I was raised on white bread stuffing which I also love;
once when my son was young he called it white boy dressing. 
My brother still makes it with the wonderful addition of sausage -
you can't go wrong with pork products if you ask me. 

However you make it, and even if you don't (tho why wouldn't you?  hehe)
enjoy your feast with your family and friends today.

And thank you for sharing part of your day with me ~ Sherry


Roz said...

A mixture of white bread and wheat bread and it HAS to be made in the bird. But I am from Minnesota after all and NO one has corn bread stuffing up there.

Diane said...

I absolute love stuffing! (our word of choice) White bread with sausage in the bird--yum!
P.S. excellent for leftovers too