Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rest (completed)

"Come to me, all of y'all who are worn out & run down, and I'll give you rest" ~ Jesus  (Matthew 11:28, paraphrased by me)
I finally took that piece and created this collage.
It was a real stretch for me to work in blacks & whites.

Do you find that you get into a color rut?
For a long time I was into vintage photos so there were lots of ochres & sepias in my work.
Then there was a red kick started by calls for red pieces at a couple of different local shows.
Now I seem to be all over the place -
almost developing a new, more abstract style.
But even with all the changes and experimentation, these colors were difficult for me.

What about you - do you lean toward certain colors?
Is color one of the things that defines your style?


wanda miller said...

This is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!
i have been waiting for some citr-solv to arrive in the mail...i think they got lost!

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I love this piece, Sherry. There are definitely colours I find myself shying away from but I would like to start playing a bit and including more of those colours in my work - pinks, purples, turquoise!

Grace Scruggs said...

I just got back from a medical trip in Mexico. The t-shirts from our hotel have this same verse on them and the Christian owner wants it to be a place of rest as well.

I love your work! It conveys how I felt when I got home! just needed to collapse and rumple the bed, leaving clothes everywhere.