Friday, July 02, 2010

All Emotions

In our online class a lot of time has been devoted to facing all of the "negative" emotions that come with being a creative person and/or running a business:
* the fears (I'm not all that special.
Who do I think I am?)
* the overwhelm from wearing so many hats (this is my biggie)
* frustration when things don't go as planned
* the discouragement from lack of sales or rejection at a juried show
* and so on and so on (you know what they are - feel free to share yours)

So, what should we do with those fears?
* acknowledge them
* look closely at them
* deal with them (cry, discuss their validity, meet with a mentor, relax with loved ones)
* move on even if the fear is still there (fake it til you make it)

Now, I've always been pretty darn good at dealing with my emotions.  Pretty self-analytical (one ex-husband said "You think too much" - and yes, that means I've had more than one - now THAT would be a long post!!!). Refute the negative tapes that play in my head as Dr Phil says. Do something different if I need to for awhile. 

Except for one emotion. FRUSTRATION. And yesterday was one of those days.

So what happened in my creative life that led to this frustration?
I was frustrated becuz of a class at the YMCA.

You see, in addition to taking a class from Kelly Rae Roberts, signing up for The Creative Connection and reorganizing the studio supplies, I have also reduced my diet coke intake, improved my eating habits - not PERFECTED, but improved - and started exercising - including joining the Y with my husband.  (Yes, I have been dealing with overwhelm as well.)

Being the self-analytical person that I am, I KNOW that I do not do well with routine so I like to mix it up.  That plan is going fine except for the Body Sculpting class.  Yes it's hurts like heck but I expect that so it doesn't bug me.  So what's the frustrating part?
I have no idea why this is shocking to me.  I grew about 83 inches in 7th grade and it seems I never did learn how to deal with these long arms & legs (otherwise, these are NOT a curse, mind you).

My normal way of dealing with frustration is to give up.  Which I decided to do - not just give up the class but everything else.  Where's a Popeye's?  I need some seriously fried chicken, biscuits, red beans & rice.  
* I looked at it.  I need to do this class and of course I'll be a klutz.  So what?  Maybe I'll get better (this was only my second ever class in my life).  Maybe I'll never be able to move my leg left and my arm right and pulse into a squat at the same time but I will definitely be using previously unknown muscles and getting a great cardio workout.
* I dealt with it - I called Patrick while near the Popeyes.  I cried.  I stood in a hot shower.  I journaled about it.
* And I'll fake it - next Thursday, I will enter the torture chamber again.  (I think they Sculpt us with chain saws!  Rusty dull old chain saws.)

N OW, about this journal page.  Finally found some Sharpie oil-based paint pens - new display at Michaels - and bought a silver fine point to experiment.  I'd been reading that art journalers love them cuz they write on everything and
I doodled on an existing background and journaled out my frustration on the back.  As usual, the metallic doesn't show up on screen that well.

Oh, and the last thing I did to deal was to come to my community for support - the biggest way to deal with all these emotions  is YOU.  Feel free to share your struggles in return.  Believe me, I can relate.
~ Sherry


Jan said...

Artists don't give up so I am sure you won't either since you are an artist. As if anyone but you cares if you can do the body sculpting class perfectly the first time, or even the third time. Stick with it! I'm going to check up on you;-)

starseasons said...

You go girl! Way to overcome those fears. You'll do it, just wait and see. I also loved the page in the "another oops" post

Ophelia said...

Wow! Your artwork is incredible. I have visited your website and found your blog! Awesome! Thanks for your visit to my blog, you are so very talented!

Anonymous said...

Great post Sherry! I can totally relate to your struggles. Keep it up - thanks for sharing.

Cre8Tiva said...

love the image sherry...and your raw only fear is not being liked for ME!!! i struggle with it all the time...glad we connected

Jan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad I could crack you up!

Theresa said...

Can SO relate! Thanks for putting it into words and sharing your beautimous art!

Kerri said...

i explored those fears a lot as i worked my way thru "the artist way" with a group. we all agreed how important it is just to walk thru your fears.


Linda R said...

Hi, I'm laughing at your post - you are soooo right, try to read it all and then implement it?? I am trying to ignore overwhelm and just take one thing at a time (sure)...and I'm trying to make the rounds and "follow" as many of our awesome group as possible so here I am. If you fly by let me know ;-) Fan page:!/pages/Me-Myself-and-You/105043419547115

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do