Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm still here

I've been squeezing in some play time here & there and actually found time to journal & scribble this morning.

When I was experimenting with CitraSolv the other day, I thru some book pages into the inky puddle that had collected. That's what made the blue/purple coloring on this old journal page. Then I decided to use my white Sharpie Paint Pen becuz it writes on anything and CitraSolv paper has an interesting hand. Anyway, the paint pen worked but in a kinda faded way. Next I sketched a quick little face with pencil and added some Memento ink direct-to-paper - the greenish colors.

OH! I just realized these colors look like a bruise. ICK!! Oh well, that's not a comment on how I'm feeling - just what was nearby!

I will write more later about all my CitraSolv experiments - probably after tax season. In the meantime, I wanted to let y'all know that I am at least getting a few moments here & there in the studio ~ Sherry

ps - anyone know how to put the trademark symbol in here? I really feel like I should have them after all these name brands I listed.


Ellen Etzler said...

very cool

Jan said...

I like it. Good way to use up every bit of the citrasolve inkiness. I have no idea how to put the trademark symbol in, sorry.

Diane said...

Hi Sherry--thanks for trying to help me with my crackle dilemma. Actually, I've tried the white glue method too, and it worked a little--I don't know what my problem is. The difference between the 2 crayons is that neocolor 1 is a regular crayon like crayola, but alot less waxy so the pigment is very deep, and the neocolor 2 is water soluble, but still very vibrant. They look really good when you layer them with acrylics, especially the neocolor 1's.