Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday, Monday

The Art Guarantee
New Year, Same Problem: too much to do, too little time.

It's only the first Monday of the new year and I already feel overwhelmed!

As I've mentioned, I just moved. And I can't seem to get everything unpacked - including my studio which I desperately want to have done so I can finish some art SOON.

Sure there are excuses: Thanksgiving, Christmas, blizzard, travel to Albuquerque, upset stomachs (me), sore backs from shoveling snow & falling on ice (Patrick), too much time surfing the web and watching TV, blah, blah, blah.
Need I go on?

The other day I wrote about selecting one word as a goal for the year. Forget it. I'm going to just take it one day at a time.

Today I've got five things on my to-do list - well, since two of them are related to a charm bracelet order, I'll say I've got four things I WILL accomplish today.

Wish me luck ~ Sherry


Roz said...

You can adopt my motto, It will get done sometime.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Sherry! Cool hair do! Thanks for visiting my blog. As for the journal pages, sometimes they come together quickly and sometimes I just put an element or two on then and just go on to the next page. Usually I try do do one in one sitting and they never actually take me that long. I try not to think too much and usually don't write anything that is actually n my mind because it is an art journal not an emoting journal! Have you watched Teesha Moore videos? She has inspired me. You can google her and her journaling videos will come up.