Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art Journaling Again *YAY*

1/13/2010My studio is so close to being set up that I actually found time to journal again!! YAY!!

I started with a paper that I'd dyed, watercolored & collaged a long time ago (I have a lot of these pre-made journaling papers - it's so much fun to do that once I start, I can't stop) and used a Sharpie white poster pen, #6 pencil & regular black sharpie to do some writing. That was all I planned on doing as I was sitting in front of the TV since my desk had a K charm bracelet covering it's surface.

I didn't plan on writing anything significant - I just wanted to put pen to paper - so there was no great out-pouring of emotion, just a little letter play. But after I finished the writing, I noticed the kinda skin-tone area to the right and just had to draw the eye under the long tail on the G (I love to draw eyes) which became half a face. Then photo tape with more white poster paint and voila, a journal page. FINALLY.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have some creative time again, not to mention a creative space (expect pictures soon). Though I know you understand if this is your "thing" too ~ Sherry

PS - Don't forget to enter the giveaway - results of the drawing will be posted tomorrow night.


Roz said...

I LOVE the page. It's so Sherry.

Martha Lever said...

Yes, I agree, fabulous page!!!! The classes I am taking now are Suzi Blu-"Goddess and Poet" and DJ Pettitt's Photoshop class. Then I will be starting Misty Mawns class on Friday. I decided that's what I wanted for classes from my favorite artists. It's like I am in school and this is what I am taking this semester!

Anonymous said...

First time what I've seen so far...I'm so jealous of your studio space...maybe someday.

Rainbow Lady said...

This is wonderful I like it a lot. Love what you've done with the paper. Thanks for joining in this week Don't forget next time to link to my blog. Love Cynthia x