Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tonight my art group (The Ephemerites) meets and I realized I hadn't shared anything about the great time we had at our last meeting at Ellen's.

Her friend, Barbara LaGree, came to the meeting and taught us about Zentangles. Up until then, I thought they were just fancy doodles. After the class, many of us thought we would do more and I started this art journal page.

Guess what I learned? It's not like doodling at all!!!! You really have to concentrate which is just the opposite of doodling. No wonder the preferred size is 2" x 2" - after awile your hand and your brain start to cramp! This took me a full week!

Roz has become addicted and started a little book to hold them. Ellen was already a fan. Me - I think I'll stick with mindless doodling. With a few zentangles thrown in. Maybe. On occasion.!!!
~ Sherry

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