Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Fun Playing with Wax

About six weeks ago, I went to a local school and we played with wax and I told you how much fun it was in a couple of posts. Not long after that I made the pieces WHITE HOT RED which I've talked about here a lot.

Well, I just can't get enough of playing with beeswax. So for my art group projects that I turned over last night, I used beeswax.

Lisa is having us each do a small canvas in similar colors. After seeing the triptych, she asked if I could do her canvas with beeswax. Using my inkjet, I printed four sayings about home on painted paper then attached it to the canvas. I used modeling paste to add texture and glued on a faux door handle by 7 gypsies. Then came the beeswax and colored wax. That's it at the top of the page.

Ellen gave everyone the same premade birdhouse to alter using blues. I removed a few parts and glued on some feet and a new perch. Then I gessoed the entire birdhouse. Next came some papers and stickers. And then came the beeswax and colored wax. I also used the wax on my next art group project but as I haven't handed it over yet, I can't show you!! As I've also mentioned, we're trying to get the house ready to sell. So I very reluctantly put all the wax goodies away and scraped off my desk. But I can pull it back down in no time if someone ever wants to come have fun with beeswax, colored wax, heat guns and irons ~ Sherry

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