Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Creative Again

The last week has been great with plenty of time to create after work. I've made an assemblage and needle felted a bird pin. I've photographed some things for the website. And I'm trying my hand at a couple of new things (well, new to me).

Here's the pin and the assemblage:

It is amazing how much better I feel, how much happier I am when I get to create. I like that at work I get to play with art supplies and learn how to do some crafts that I've not tried, but here, in my own studio, I get to take what's in my head or heart and by gluing, painting, stitching and more, bring it out into the open.

So very majorly cool!!!! ~ Sherry


Linda S. Socha said...

I am new to you blog but I like it very much. I am curious about the use of the number 5. It is symbolic of many wonderful things
If you are in the neighborhood of my blogland, please stop by

Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt said...

I hate to admit it, but the number five is in this piece cuz I had the cool textured house number! Maybe subliminally I meant something by it but . . .

I've read your most recent blog entries - you are obviously very introspective. I am too - but not sure I want to release my musings into the blogosphere just yet.

Thank you for stopping by (I believe you got here via Jesse) and I hope to "talk" to you again
~ Sherry