Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why do I "ART"?

I've been sick this week so I stayed home from work for two days. Whenever I'm at home I feel like I have to get into the studio and create. Unfortunately, if I'm too sick to create at work I'm often too sick to create in my own studio.

So then my mind is thinking thru all the endless projects I need to make (for customers, for the Ephemerites, for my house, f or my daughter's new house) and all those I want to make. On top of the list of pre-existing projects, I come up with endless new ideas.

Of course, all that laying around when I'm sick keeps me from actually sleeping at night so my brain just keeps on thinking and thinking. Now it's even thinking about blogging - wait, that's gonna have to be another post - blogging or journaling or both or neither (since I am terribly inconsistant at both).

Anyway, all that thinking has me wondering Why do I "ART"?

I truly believe that every human being is born with a creative impulse. Some have it squished out in elementary school or by the harshness of life and some never even consider indulging it. And some of us just can't seem to move without doing something creative ~ that's me. I've been creating ever since I can remember - with varying degrees of success. And I don't see how I could survive if I was told I could never again create anything.

So for me, doing "ART" is a matter of survival. ~ Sherry

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