Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting Started

Guess it's about time I set up a blog. I keep hearing that I absolutely HAVE to have one to succeed in this art journey. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my regular website up to date and writing in my journal so don't expect too much too soon.

I've been working on some pieces to submit to a couple of local jurored shows (and by "working on" I mean I've been thinking about them a lot!!) I've also come up with a possible new layout for my website - I like it a lot but it's just so much work and I'd rather make art than write HTML. It will feature the logo shown on here.

Hopefully I'll get this figured out soon and be back with something REAL to say.

In the meantime, check out the not-so-current website Studio Pashnada.
Thanks ~ Sherry

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My Heart's Fancy is a gift and said...

Hey Sherry,

Can't believe I'm the first to comment. Hope you have a great time blogging.....

I'll be linking my blog to yours. I appreciate your link to mine.

You're the best!