Saturday, November 17, 2012

horizontal surfaces are for . . .


the studio workspace
the "art bar"
the breakfast table
the dining room table
While I'm waiting for wax to melt in the studio and for the temperature to warm-up so I can go outside to do some sanding and for paint to dry, I thought I'd share a little story about my sweet husband, Patrick with you.

When we built the house we owned last, we included my first studio which I absolutely LOVED.
One day Patrick came home from work to see every horizontal surface covered with plates that I had collaged for a Christmas artisan fair.  And he said "I thought when we built you a studio, this wouldn't happen any more."  Well, of course, I just laughed and said something about that wasn't in a contract, was it?

Art projects just expand to fill the space alotted and then they overflow. Or maybe explode is a better word for it.  I am currently working on some large pieces that just don't fit anywhere but where we should do our eating.  But this is "picked up" -- I wish I'd taken the pictures a few days ago when one of the sofas and the ottoman were covered too. 

(oh, there's not a picture of the bar becuz it's covered in Halloween decorations, not art projects -- I took them down but I never got them boxed up LOL)

Have a fun day arting everyone.

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