Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I feel a contest comin' on . . .

I have been working feverishly on adding new pages to my website. Which for me means it makes me get a fever, not that I'm working super hard. HTML and CSS are still a stretch for me after all this time.

Anyway, I've added pages for selling the art that's available, for selling cards and, TA-DA, the newest page, selling double matted prints.

So to keep you interested despite my lack of art to share, I decided to have a little contest to
win an 8x10 print of your choice
(even if it's not on the print page yet - I'm sure I've forgotten something)
along with a small token of my affection.

There are several ways to enter:
  • comment here
  • tweet about it
  • share it on facebook mentioning
  • comment on the post on my facebook page
  • Be sure you use the @ to mention me on facebook & twitter so I can find your entries.
Deadline is Saturday, July 30th at midnight (CST) and I'll post the winner next Monday.
Thanks for playing.  Hopefully now that I've finished these pages I can actually finish some art.  Tho I do want to do a calendar page and one about my workshops so . . .


Maura said...

If I share it more than one way will I be entered more than one time? Hee hee

Sherry said...


Whispers and Wishes said...

I found you via magically mixed media... so glad i took some time this morning to read through posts and click links! You have a lovely eye for texture and colour. I especially love the piece "Rest".

Lisa B said...

Love the colors and the addition of the black throughout really added a lot to the piece.