Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue Heart

I love the colors in this piece but I'm struggling with naming it - it's a blue heart but it's not sad in any way.  It's really very calming and maybe even cheerful.

I started with three different blue CitraSolv papers that were torn and adhered to  clayboard(the center one had been painted).  Next came some sanding, stamping and coloring.  Yes, coloring.  With metallic crayons.  Then I took the heat gun to everything ~ it's fun to watch the crayon melt, it looks a little like embossing powder.  (Oh!  Embossing powder ~ I wonder how that would work under beeswax.  I see experiments in my near future!)

The next step was an image transfer.  I used gel medium to adhere a striped heart ~ my goal was to have a very subtle image so at least half of the image was white.  After it dried and I rubbed & rubbed & rubbed, all of the paper backing still didn't come off. 

However, since I worked on this partly while I worked on the journal page I posted the other day, I knew that Twinkling H2Os would cover that up.  I used a purply-pink and pearl in the heart as well as kiwi green outside.  The watercolor didn't stick quite as well to the CitraSolv paper ~ I'm not sure if that's due to the CitraSolv or just cuz they're glossy magazine pages.

Next came a NEW beeswax!  The local stamp store where I've been holding workshops, My Heart's Fancy, got in some pebbles of clear beeswax so I decided to try it on here.  Since it's been a gazillion degrees outside, I didn't want to heat up the electric skillet so I just melted the wax with my iron directly onto the board.  The wax seems to be much thinner than usual but that could be because it's perfectly clear - no yellowish tint.

And I ended it all with the addition of color. I absolutely LOVE adding more color at the end.  I think it might be one of my favorite parts because I have only limited control.

ps ~ even after writing this and running errands, I haven't come up with a name for this blue heart ~ I'm open to suggestions ~ hint, hint.


Sharon Franks Burgess said...

I see "azure-something". Like an ocean bay. Or calm and reassuring, like a big hug.

You'll figure it out...

Sherry said...

Sharon I love the "azure" idea. This is definitely my favorite third of the color wheel - pink thru turquoise - tho pink isn't actually ON the color wheel.

Anyway after your suggestion Azure Dreams popped in my head. I'll ponder it some more.

Thank you