Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lonely Cages

Lonely the empty cage.
Happy the free bird.
(poem also by Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt)

This is the last of several projects I dabbled at off-n-on during tax season.  In early February I started several pieces at the same time that I did tons of journal backgrounds (you can see all the beginnings in Great Weekend - this piece is sideways on the right in pics 2 & 3)

I started this by gluing a pretty monochromatic floral paper to canvas.  Then, for ten minutes here and 15 minutes there, I would spray and glue on all of the projects at once until one by one they said "I'm done!"  Surprisingly, I never glued anything else to this canvas!  It's just layer upon layer of color - I wish the scans could show the depth. The second to last layer was a gel transfer that unfortunately removed some of the previous layers in a few spots.  I'd planned to use beeswax as a final layer so I added some metallic crayon to cover up the bright white areas.

In addition to the last piece to be posted, this was the last one to be completed - I just kept thinking it needed more.  Then as I stared at it the day before Easter, the little poem popped into my head and it felt complete.  (I waited to post it until today because it was a project for my art group that I didn't give away til last nite.)

I feel so free when I'm creating - even if it's for just a little while here and there.  So here's to more lonely cages and happy birds ~ Sherry


Diane said...

This was perfectly done--love it!

Silke said...

Just beatuiful, Sherry!! I love the texture and the color. And words that go with it - simply beautiful!!! Love, Silke

Pam Tucker said...

Sherry, this is gorgeous! I love the rich colors and especially the texture! :)